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COVID-19 Wichtige Informationen und Produkthinweise / COVID 19 - Important Information and Product Overview


Airbus A380 Protected with Silex Silicone

You know the feeling, when you buy a brand new Airbus A380, you don't want to scratch it! Solution?  Bump strips and kick strips in fire retardant Silicone strategically placed on galley walls and floor skirtings preventing damage from food and drinks trolleys. For more information on this product please email us and we will be pleased to put you in contact with the Distributor.   Bump Strip - Aboard a BA A380 Airbus showing our Silicone strip on the wall of the galley. Kick Strip - For skirti…

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We make Curtains too!

The Frankfurt Motor Show, September 2013, witnessed a number of Auto manufacturers launch their respective new cars to the global press and public audiences. So how do you present your new car?  With ribbons?  Beautiful models?  Pyrotechnics? No! you simply use Imagination and drive your new vehicle through a 4700kg silicone curtain.  Imagination Ltd is a multi-national independent, creative communications company with their Headquarters in London. Acting on behalf of their client, Ford Motor Co…

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Planning Approved!

Building work will commence in November 2013 extending one of our factories in Bordon. Our new extension will provide much needed additional space for special new machinery and will create further employment opportunities within the Bordon area. Completion is expected around February/March 2014.

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