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COVID-19 Wichtige Informationen und Produkthinweise / COVID 19 - Important Information and Product Overview


NEW PRODUCT - Ultra Thin Silicone Film

ULTRA THIN SILICONE FILM Complimenting our extensive range of Silicone rubber sheeting, we are pleased to announce that we are now distributing a new range of Ultra Thin Silicone Film manufactured by Wacker Chemie GmbH. The new ELASTOSIL® Film range of thin, 100% silicone films is a new form of presentation that greatly extends the reach of high tech silicone technology and offers pioneering, key advantages. New: Thin and Precise Silicone Films Produced from addition curing silicone rubber gra…

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New Investment in Twin Calendar Lines

NEW INVESTMENT IN TWIN CALENDAR LINES Silex have invested in two new Calendar lines for speciality silicone sheet manufacture. The first line due to commence production in late September 2014 is a 4 roll precision "DR COLLIN GmbH" Calendar which will produce up to 700mm wide composite solid and sponge silicone sheet.  This sheet will be further processed into pads for a major domestic appliance manufacturer as a switch pad. The second line is a 1600mm wide, 3 roll "RODOLFO COMERIO" Calendar capa…

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