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Silicone Rubber U-Sections

Silex Silicone edging strips, otherwise known as channel sections or ‘U’ profiles, are available from stock in three colour options; black, white and translucent, or can be produced in almost any colour upon request.

Manufactured in our premium grade of platinum cured silicone as standard, but available in a wide range of material grades Silex edging strips have a smooth shiny surface and are non-yellowing, ideal for aesthetic panel protection and sealing.

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  • 11 different Items for different sized edges
  • standard Coil length of 30 meters but available as 10 and 20
  • 3 different standard colours white, trans and black


  • Non yellowing
  • No peroxide by-products
  • High tear strength as standard
  • High gloss finish
  • Excellent quality

Application and Use

  • bumping strip for any edges
  • food grade silicone for use in respective environments
  • easily adjustable in length
  • can be glued onto edges or kept lose for maximum flexibility

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