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Silicone Rubber Cord (70° Shore)

Our 70 shore solid cords are a harder option than our standard 60 shore cords. This product is stocked in translucent, white, blue and red oxide in diameters from 1-30mm, but is available in almost any colour or size upon request. 

MVQ cords are used for a huge variety of applications, from decorative, art and design, to industrial, automotive, electrical and HVAC.

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Details & Specs


  • FDA § 177.2600 compliant
  • BFR XV “Silicones” compliant
  • Compliant to 1935/2004
  • Usable in Dairy, Sanitary or Industrial Applications


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Cure conditions (post-cured 4 h / 200 °C):
1.5 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker E (50% paste of bis-(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl)-peroxide in silicone fluid); 10 min / 135°C in press
0.7 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker C1 (Dicumylperoxide); 15 min /165 °C in press

Chemical Resistance

Availability and Fabrication Possibility

  • Available in continous coils of 25m
  • Can be cut down to any given length
  • Can be joined as frames or rings
  • Many different diameters possible and available from stock
  • Can be extruded as a profile as well (please enquire)

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