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Coloured Silicone vacuum Tubing

Our coloured vacuum silicone tubing is stocked in 70 Shore A hardness and comes in a variety of useful sizes and colours including white, blue, red, black, orange, green, yellow and metallic black (Glimmersil).

Sizes up to 10mm bore can be used for vacuum applications, where larger bores tend to be used for dressing up cable harness assemblies. 

These tubes are safe for contact with food, being compliant to FDA 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004 standards. Other uses include low pressure solar installations where our tubing is used to circulate water through the solar systems.

Other colours are available on request.

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Details & Specs


  • FDA § 177.2600 compliant
  • BFR XV “Silicones” compliant
  • Compliant to 1935/2004
  • Usable in Dairy, Sanitary or Industrial Applications




Curing Agent E

Curing Agent C1







Hardness Shore A


70° ± 5

71° ± 5

DIN ISO 48-4



1.18 g/cm³

1.18 g/cm³

DIN EN ISO 1183-1 A

Tensile strength


11.0 N/mm²

11.0 N/mm²

ISO 37 type 1

Elongation at break


440 %

530 %

ISO 37 type 1

Tear strength


26 N/mm

31 N/mm

ASTM D 624 B

Compression Set[1]

22 h | 175 °C

40 %

22 %


Rebound resilience


55 %

51 %

ISO 4662


Cure conditions (post-cured 4 h / 200 °C):
1.5 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker E (50% paste of bis-(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl)-peroxide in silicone fluid); 10 min / 135°C in press
0.7 % ELASTOSIL® AUX Crosslinker C1 (Dicumylperoxide); 15 min /165 °C in press


Chemical Resistance

Availability and Fabrication Possibility

  • Many different colors available from stock, more on request
  • optimized Wall to ID Ratio for vacuum applications
  • FDA grades available
  • standard coil length of 30m, can be cut to any given length on request

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