Fluorosilicone Sheet

Featuring the versatility or ordinary silicone, this 60° shore A hardness product is ideal for applications involving volatile fuels, oils, solvents and chemicals and is naturally resistant to UV, ozone and fungus. It is popular in applications where standard silicone would degrade due to exposure to harsh chemicals or fluids, or in extreme environments. 

This material has excellent temperature stability and will perform at temperatures from -53°C to +260°C. 

MVQ fluorosilicone sheeting is an excellent gasketing material with a low compression set. 

Fluorosilicone sheets are supplied in 914mm wide sheets as standard. This product is stocked in blue as standard, but is available in other colours upon request.


Property Typical Value Test Method
Compression Deflection: psi (kPa) 15 (104) ASTM D1056
Elongation: % 125 % ASTM D412
Tensile Strength: psi (kPa) 180 (1245) ASTM D412
Compression Set: % 25% ASTM D1056
Density lbs./ft³ (kg/m³) 35 (554) ASTM D3574
Water Absorbtion <5% ASTM D471
Operating Temperature Range °C -80° F to +400° F (-62° C to +205°C)

This material meets MIL-DTL-25988