Critical Raw Materials Shortage

Critical Raw Materials Shortage

Dear Valued Customer, 

As demand continues to outstrip supply, major suppliers of silicone are warning customers about longer lead times and supply limitations. The demand for silicone however remains very high. This is due in part to the post-Covid19 global recovery, together with stronger demand from the US and Asian markets.

There are also logistical issues around transport with shortages of shipping containers and drivers. This has resulted in multiple industries buying beyond their needs to try to ensure future supply. As a result of this trend, we are currently facing an unprecedented raw materials shortage, affecting stock supply, and manufacturing capabilities. 

Despite these obstacles, we are doing well. Our orders are being met and we are doing our utmost to meet customer expectations. The situation however remains volatile and could become an issue. We will therefore continue to provide you with further updates as we deem necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and we sincerely apologise for any additional inconvenience caused during this challenging period. 

To ask any questions or place an order, please contact us

Sincerely yours,

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