Silicone Extrusions

We pride ourselves on working closely with customers to ensure that all extruded products are fit for purpose. MVQ works in a variety of material grades of both solid and sponge, all available in a wide range of colours and hardness’s. Our vast range of compounds and additives allow us to meet any bespoke requirements, such as flame retardant, food grade, high and low temperature.

MVQ can deliver an infinite array of sections and profiles, should our catalogue of dies not meet with your current specification our experienced team can produce custom-made tooling from a small sample or CAD drawing.

With minimum order quantities from as little as 10m our team are ready to speak with you about your precise needs.  Please enquire for price and current lead times.

Extrusion dies for silicone extrusions are simple to produce and inexpensive. Some of the most popular shapes such as “T”, “e”, “U”, “D” and “P” sections are listed below so that our customers can take advantage of utilizing existing profiles.

Profile Type Diagram Description
Silicone Sponge Cord icon For compliant soft sealing normally held in place within a groove slightly smaller than the cord
Silicone Solid Cord icon Typical 'O' ring seal capabilities
High Temp P-Sections icon Simple seal where a metal strip is fixed on the tail to bolt through to the mating metalwork
Silicone Double P Profile icon As the regular 'P' profile but double the sealing capabilities
Silicone T Profile icon Typical section often used in Food packaging where the tail is held within a groove Silicone
U-Profiles icon Edge protection for all panel thicknesses
Silicone U Profile with Bubble icon Section with bubble edge protection with extra sealing ability
Silicone e Profile icon Acts as a hollow seal with added advantage of a groove for panel fixing
Silicone D Profile icon Simple seal with soft sealing ability
Silicone D Profile icon Solid 'D' profile with a firmer sealing than the hollow version
Silicone h Profile icon Panel fixing profile with sealing tail
Silicone H Profile icon Typical profile for sealing two adjoining panels
Silicone Tadpole Profile icon Regular silicone bulb seal with a tail for mechanical fixing
Silicone Omega Profile icon Bulbous seal with retaining 'T' bar for fixing
Silicone Omega Profile icon Bulbous seal with dove-tail fixing
Silicone Lip Seal icon Simplistic design with many variations. The Lip allows compliant sealing of wider gaps and low compression force requirements
Silicone Sponge Strip icon In square or rectangular format for soft compliant sealing
Silicone Strip icon Solid silicone square or rectangular profile for firm sealing applications
Silicone Glazing Seal icon Regular window seal with infill strip which created a positive seal on the glass and panel
Oven Door Seal icon Typical domestic oven door seal with hollow core to allow for inclusion of metal clips
Silicone C Profile icon Also known as clip profile, commonly used for lining metal pipe clamps for insulation and vibration damping
Silicone Multilumen Tube icon Multiple tube profile for multi-fluid transfer
Silicone Draught Excluder icon Window and door seal with finned tail for groove insertion
Silicone Glazing Wedge icon Wedge profile for sealing and securing glazing and panel units
Silicone Inflatable Seal icon Normal/Inflated Low pressure inflatable profile for component and quick release sealing
Silicone Mushroom Profile icon Sealing between panels with aesthetic top profile
Silicone Mushroom Profile icon Robust sealing profile with tail for insertion into a groove
Silicone Capping Profile icon Edging and capping profile with arrowhead fixing
Silicone L Profile icon Corner protection and sealing profile
Silicone Bespoke Profile icon Customer specified profile designed to suit a specific application
Bespoke Dual Hardness Profile icon Combined solid rubber with soft sponge for technical sealing solutions. Co-extrusion technology.
Silicone Interlock Profile icon Bespoke interlocking sections for specific technical applications
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, Ozone, UV light
  • Performs at temperatures from -40°C to +200°C as standard, with high and low temperature grades available.
  • High quality product
  • Wide range of densities (sponge) and grades (solid) available, including FDA approved, WRAS Approved, BFR Approved and more
  • Special grades for Metal Detectable, Anti-Bacterial, Flame retardant (UL94V0 or EN45545)

Popular uses for silicone rubber extrusions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Seals and gaskets, particularly for the food, pharmaceutical or automotive industries.
  • Sharp edge protection 
  • Windscreen wiper blades
  •  Window gaskets for Trains, Plains or Ships
  •  Gaskets for the Construction Industry
  •  HVAC Gaskets

Extrusion Products

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