Our Seals, Washers & Gaskets

The fabrication department at MVQ and Silex has an extensive range of cutting machinery for gaskets cut from solid and sponge sheet and cutting tubing into washers and sleeves. Excellent tolerance bands on dimensional aspects are guaranteed.

MVQ and Silex also manufactures joined seals from extruded sections and cords, together with a variety of special fabrications and assemblies, sometimes incorporating non-silicone items such as valves or connectors.

The MVQ and Silex portfolio includes hot and cold adhesive bonding, mitre corner bonding and our new film joining technique which uses a thin layer of silicone rubber rather than an adhesive and is bonded under pressure to form a semi-moulded joint which is stronger than adhesive and ideal for curtain wall construction gaskets.

Our technical department is constantly developing new techniques and processes to give the widest choice of possibilities and solutions.


MVQ´s and Silex’s fabrication department offers a range of services for producing seals, washers and gaskets to tight tolerances. 

  • Waterjet Cutting – a very precise solution for even small batch productions all we need is a drawing
  • Blade Cutting – a low cost, high precision method of producing gaskets and washers to either hand-cut or punch washers, seals or gaskets.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing – PSA backing can be applied to any flat surface quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Assembly with Non-Silicone Items – such as valves and connectors.
  • Film Joining – Using a film of silicone rubber compound and curing with pressure and heat to form an extremely strong joint. 
  • Cold Adhesive Bonding – Using a silicone adhesive to bond silicone items.
  • Mitre Corner Bonding – A precise method of bonding corners, popular for seals and gaskets for angled surfaces. 
  • Moulding – producing moulded seals, washers and gaskets (rather than cutting or punching from sheet) with exceptionally precise, clean edges.
  • Versatile and efficient to produce
  • Solid or sponge options available
  • Available from any of our stock material grades, or in special grades, colours and special effects by request. 
  • Assembly including non-silicone items such as connectors or valves. 

Seals, Washers & Gaskets

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