Technical Library

Below find a complete Library of our Technical Information and Certifications all in one place.

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Chemical Performance
Film Joining
Fire Performance
Gas Permeability
Selecting The Right Hardness
High Temperature Performance
Low Temperature Performance
I P Ratings
Profile Selection
LED Light Diffusion Products
Adhesive Bonding Guide
U Profile fixing instructions
Shelf life
Silex Printing Capabilites
Steam Resistance
Thermal Conductivity
Weathering and UV influences
Platinum vs Peroxide
Silicone Surface Technology
Formulated to meet
Laser Cutting
WRAS - Platinum Cured Tube
California Propostion 65 Declaration
TSCA Regulation
REACH/ROHS Banned Substances Information
EC 1935/2004
FDA Compliance and Migration for Sheeting
EC 10/2011
EC 2023/2006
TSE/BSE Statement
Halogen Free Statement
POP Regulation and Biocidal Products
Quality Policy Statement
ISO 9001 Certificate
Insurance Certificate