Russia/Ukraine Statement

Russia/Ukraine Statement

To whom it may concern:

Silex and MVQ Silicones are extremely saddened by the current events in Ukraine and we hope that the conflict will be quickly resolved without further, unnecessary loss of life.

We will comply to any sanctions called by the western governments and can confirm that Silex and MVQ Silicones do not currently source any raw materials or products directly or indirectly from the conflicted regions.

We therefore do not anticipate any supply chain disruption or further pressure on the silicone market. However, increasing energy prices and any number of unforeseen events, or shortages resulting from this conflict, could result in prices being affected in the longer term.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and update our customers should any issue arise.

Best Regards

Kevin Soudah

General Manager

MVQ Silicones GmbH

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