Glass Reinforced Silicone Sheet

This 1 ply glass reinforced sheeting features impressive tear resistance and non-creep characteristics, and is favoured by designers and engineers for diaphragms and non-stretch gaskets and seals. 

This sheeting has the same chemical resistance as standard silicone sheeting and the silicone used is fully compliant to FDA standard 177.2600 and EC 1935/2004, making it suitable for applications requiring direct food contact. However, it should be noted that the fabric within the silicone is not available in FDA.

All of our silicone sheet products are available plain or adhesive backed and can be supplied in sheet form or converted into strips, seals, washers, gaskets and fabricated articles.



Property Units Spec Limits Typical Value Test Method
  Hardness  Shore A 60±5 60 ASTM D2240 DIN 53505
Tensile Strength Mpa (PSI) 5.5 min (798 min) 10 (1450) BSISO 37 ASTM D412 die C
Elongation to Failure % 200 min 400 BSISO 37 ASTM D412 die C
 Tear Strength   N/mm (lb./in.) 10.0 min 57 22.0 125 ASTM D624 die B
Adhesion Strength N/25mm 9 min 12 SEWI 593

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