Platinum Cured Silicone Sheet

Platinum cured silicone rubber sheeting, 60° shore A hardness. Platinum cured sheeting has a number of advantages over peroxide cured sheeting; it is non-yellowing with a clearer appearance than peroxide cured sheets and has improved tensile strength and tear strength. Platinum cured silicone tends to be favoured by the food, beverage and medical industries as it has no peroxide by-products.

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Property Units Typical Value Test Method
  Hardness  Shore A 60° ASTM D2240 DIN 53505
Tensile Strength Mpa 10.5 ISO 37 type 1 ASTM D412 die C DIN 53504 type S1
(PSI) 1525
Elongation to Failure % 725 ISO 37 type 1 ASTM D$12 die C DIN 53504 type S1
 Tear Strength   N/mm 35 ASTM D$12 die B
(lb./in.) 200
Compression set 24 hrs @ 150°C % 13 ASTM D$12 die B DIN 53517 type S1 ISO 815 type B

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