Chemical Performance of Silicones

I    No limit to the use of Silicones under these conditions.

II   Silicones can only be used in a limited range of applications depending on the type of stress applied.
There are pronounced differences between temporary and permanent exposure as well as between complete immersion in the medium and partial contact with it.

III  Silicones are not suitable and should not be used.

Chemical Perfomance

Test Medium Silicone Fluoro-Silicone
1.4-Dioxan II I
Acetamide I -
Acetic Acid 20°C I -
Acetic Acid 100°C III -
Acetic Anhydride I -
Acetone I -
Acetylene II -
Ammonia (conc.) I -
Animal Fats/Oils II I
Antifreeze I -
Argon II -
Aromatic Fuel III II
Auto. Transmisson Fluid III -
Ball Bearing Grease II -
Beer I -
Benzine 90/110 III I
Benzoic Acid II -
Benzylalcohol I -
Bleach II -
Brake Fluid I -
Bromine III II
Butanol II I
Butter II I
Butyl Acetate II III
Butyl Alcohol II I
Calcium Carbonate I -
Calcium Chloride I -
Calcium Hydrate Saturated I -
Calcium Hydroxide I -
Calcium Nitrate II I
Calcium Phosphate I -
Carbolic Acid III I
Carbonic Acid I -
Carbon Dioxide II -
Carbon Monoxide I -
Carbon Tetrachloride III I
Castor Oil I -
Caustic Potassium Sol. II -
Caustic Sodium 10% I -
Caustic Sodium 30% I -
Caustic Sodium 50% II -
Chloroform II I
Citric Acid I -
Coconut Oil I -
Coffee I -
Crude Oil III II
Cyclohexane II I
Detergent Solution 1% I -
Diacetone Alcohol I -
Dibutyl Ether 20°C II -
Dibutyl Ether 140°C III I
Dichloromethane II -
Diesel Fuel II I
Dimethyl Formamide I -
Drinking Water I -
Dry Cleaning Fluids III II
Ethanol 20°C I -
Ethanol 78°C II I
Ethyl Acetate II -
Fish Oil I -
Formaldehyde II -
Formic Acid 20°C I -
Formic Acid 100°C III II
Gear Oil SAE 90 III -
Glucose I -
Glycerol I -
Glycol I -
Glycol/Water 50:50 I -
Helium I -
Hexane II -
Hydrochloric Acid 10% 20°C I -
Hydrochloric Acid 10% 80°C III II
Hydrochloric Acid 30% 20°C III II
Hydrofluoric Acid 5% III -
Hydrogen Gas III -
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% I -
Isobutyl Alcohol I -
Isopentanol III II
Isopropanol I -
Isopropanol 20°C I -
Isopropanol 82°C II I
Isopropyl Alcohol I -
Kerosene III I
Lactic Acid I -
Linseed Oil I -
Margarine I -
Methanol I -
Methyl Ethyl Ketone II -
Methyl Methacrylate II -
Mineral Oil ASTM No1 I -
Mineral Oil ASTM No2 II -
Mineral Oil ASTM No3 III II
Motor Oil SAE 20 II I
Motor Oil SAE 30 II I
Neon I -
Nitric Acid 5% II I
Nitric Acid 10% II I
Nitric Acid 65% III III
Nitrogen I -
Olive Oil II I
Oxalic Acid II I
Ozone I -
Petroleum Ether II I
Phosphoric Acid 30% I -
Phosphoric Acid 50% 20°C I -
Phosphoric Acid 50% 100°C II -
Phosphoric Acid 85% 20°C II I
Phtalic Anhydride I -
Potassium Dichromate 20% I -
Propane III II
Propyl Alcohol I -
Salt Water I -
Silicone Fluid AK 100 II I
Silicone Fluid AK 350 II I
Silicone Fluid AK 500 II I
Silicone Fluid AK 1250 I -
Silicone Fluid AP100 II I
Silicone Fluid AP500 I -
Silicone Fluid AR20 II I
Silicone Fluid AR200 II I
Silicone Grease III I
Silicone Oils III I
Soap Solutions I -
Sodium Bicarbonate I -
Sodium Carbonate Saturated I -
Sodium Chlorate I -
Sodium Hydroxide II -
Sodium Perchlorate 20% I -
Sodium Peroxide III I
Sodium Salts I -
Sodium Sulphate I -
Sodium Sulphide I -
Solution of Common Salt I -
Stearic Acid II -
Stearic Acid 150°C III -
Styrene II I
Sulphuric Acid 20°C I -
Sulphuric Acid 80°C III II
Tetrahydrofuran II -
Toluene II I
Trichloroethane III II
Trichloroethylene III II
Turpentine II I
Vaseline I -
Vegetable Oil I -
Vinegar I -
Wine I -
Xylene II I