Silicone Printing Capabilities


Our inkjet printing is an inline system and is particularly suitable for printing text, digits and logos on to extruded articles such as tubes, sections, strips etc. Printing by inkjet method is low cost and most useful for repetitive printing on the extrudate. Our default ink is black and as it is a non-silicone based product, the cohesion is good, giving an excellent finish. For the best results, the extruded article needs to be approximately 5-6mm wide as a minimum for optimum quality and processing. For other colour options please speak to our sales team.


Pad Printing

Our pad printing service opens up a multitude of printing options. There are virtually no limits to colour options and special effects as our range includes a wide variety of special inks incorporating sparkle and colour flip effects.. Although extruded articles in long lengths can be printed, this process lends itself more to smaller individual moulded articles such as keypads and cut parts from extrusion or sheeting. The pad printing process uses silicone based inks which are cured onto the silicone articles and therefore have extremely good adhesion and wear characteristics. A single print operation requires the design to fit within a 110mm diameter. An initial set-up fee for a print plate is required followed by an individual print cost per article.